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Third Quarter 2006 /
Volume 15, Number 3

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The President's Message
Scott Walker

The title of the 2008 midyear meeting has been chosen as “Radiation-Generating Devices.” Planning for the 2008 midyear meeting and professional development school has progressed significantly since the last Health Physics Society (HPS) summer meeting. Vaclav Vylet and Don Cossairt have been appointed academic deans of the professional development school, and Linnea Wahl has been appointed administrative dean. The midyear meeting and school will be held at the Oakland Marriot in Oakland, California. The midyear meeting will be held from January 27 to 30; the school will be held from January 31 to February 2, following directly after the midyear meeting. read more

The Editor's Message
Linnea Wahl

Another annual Health Physics Society (HPS) meeting has come and gone, and again, the members of the Accelerator Section outdid themselves! Not only was the Accelerator Section Special Session a great success (see Lutz Moritz’s presentation later in the newsletter), but special congratulations are due to two of our members, Lorraine Marceau-Day and Scott Schwahn. read more


Scott Walker, Los Alamos National Lab

President-Elect: Kamran Vaziri, Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Past President:
Lorraine Marceau-Day, Louisiana State University



Particle Accelerator School: An Overview
William A. Barletta, USPAS Director

The US Particle Accelerator School (USPAS) is a national graduate school that provides educational programs in the field of beams and their associated accelerator technologies not otherwise available to scientists and engineers. The USPAS also promotes the development and publication of advanced technology textbooks.

The USPAS is governed and funded by a consortium of seven national laboratories of the Office of Science of the Department of Energy (DOE), two national laboratories of the National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA) of the DOE, and two National Science Foundation (NSF) university laboratories. 

 read more


News from Fermi National Accelerator Lab
Kamran Vaziri and Don Cossairt

Neutrinos at the Main Injector (NuMI)
The Neutrinos at the Main Injector (NuMI) experiment was beset by three problems that delayed data collection by several weeks. The first one was caused by a slight back pressure and a check valve that was mounted incorrectly. Even though this job did not require removing the horn shielding, the task of removing the deionization system’s 10-micron resin beads that migrated into the wrong parts of the NuMI horn water-cooling system ended up incurring 791 person-mrem. This amount of total effective dose equivalent (TEDE) was significant and was accumulated over many hours of work in relatively low dose rates. read more

News from the Spallation Neutron Source, Oak Ridge National Lab
Don Gregory

The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, has completed its construction phase and has begun the transition to operations. The construction project was declared complete near the end of June -- within its $1.4B budget, on time, with greater capability than initially promised, and with the best safety record of any Department of Energy (DOE) project (greater than 4M man-hours of construction without a lost-workday accident).  read more


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