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Second Quarter 2007 /
Volume 16, Number 2

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The President's Message
Scott Walker

The 2008 midyear meeting of the Health Physics Society (HPS) is beginning to fall into place. Kevin Nelson, the HPS President-Elect, called recently to congratulate the section on its progress toward organizing the 2008 midyear. He said, "This is the most organized midyear I have ever been associated with or heard of. If this midyear isn’t well attended, it will not be because of lack of hard work on the part of the section." read more

The President-Elect's Message
Kamran Vaziri

We're all looking forward to this summer's 2007 annual Health Physics Society (HPS) meeting in Portland, Oregon. The Accelerator Section's technical session will be on Wednesday morning, July 10. The HPS Awards Committee approved our Morgan Lecturer nominee, Dr. Anthony H. Sullivan. The title of his talk will be "Radiation Safety around High-Energy Particle Accelerators (as seen with the benefit of hindsight)." Due to health reasons, Dr. Sullivan will not be able to travel to the meeting. Dr. Ralph Thomas has kindly agreed to present Dr. Sullivan's talk.  read more

The Editor's Message
Linnea Wahl

Where can you buy the very first issue of Health Physics journal, dated June 1958 and autographed by none other than Wade Patterson, generally considered the first professional accelerator health physicist? How can you contribute to a scholarship fund that will sponsor, for the first time ever, a student to attend the Health Physics Society’s (HPS's) professional development school?

The answer to these "first" questions is through the silent auction that will be held at the 52nd annual HPS meeting in Portland, Oregon. . .
read more


Scott Walker, Los Alamos National Lab

Kamran Vaziri, Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Past President:
Lorraine Marceau-Day, Louisiana State University

Ed Lessard, Brookhaven National Lab

Marcia Torres, Argonne National Lab

Newsletter Editor:
Linnea Wahl, Berkeley National Lab

Erik Abkemeier, Naval
Sea Systems Command

Richard Brey, Idaho
State University
Don Gregory, Oak Ridge National Lab
Mike Sandvig, Idaho National Lab
Doug Wells, Idaho State University
Gary Zeman, Argonne National Lab


2008 Professional Development School Progresses
Linnea Wahl,
Vashek Vylet, and Don Cossairt

If you've been watching Health Physics News, the official newsletter of the Health Physics Society, you may have seen our articles advertising the 2008 professional development school, "Topics in Accelerator Health Physics." In the April issue, we got front page billing, as the newsletter explored just what it takes to put together a school. In the June issue, we told you all about the silent auction of Dr. Ralph Thomas's rare books that will be held to fund a scholarship to the school." read more

2008 Midyear & School Poster

To order a full-size poster, send your request to Melissa Thornburg, HPS Secretariat.

2008 Midyear & School Poster


News from Fermi National Accelerator Lab
Kamran Vaziri and Don Cossairt

The start of the Fermi National Accelerator Lab (Fermilab) accelerator's summer shutdown is now officially August 6. The duration of the shutdown is at least 8 weeks and may be longer; Accelerator Operations is now gathering work lists so they can organize schedules for the shutdown work. One of the main drivers for the duration of the shutdown is the installation of collimators and dampers in the Main Injector, which will make slip-stacking to NuMI part of normal operations. So far there are 200 jobs proposed for the shutdown. It is expected that at least another 100 jobs will be added to the queue before August 6. The Accelerator Safety Group is busy reviewing the proposed jobs, joggling schedules to minimize dose to workers, and constructing plans to maintain doses as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).  read more

News from the Spallation Neutron Source, Oak Ridge National Lab
Don Gregory

The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) has just completed its second major maintenance period since the start of production operations with beam on target. The first maintenance period dealt with some minor upgrades and corrections needed for more reliable operations, but the latest maintenance period involved significant changes to high-loss areas and consequently higher doses to workers. Predicting doses for first-time maintenance tasks is difficult since there is no "history" (recorded doses for similar tasks performed during previous outages) to refer to. This time I used a straight-forward dose estimating process and ended up with an embarrassingly conservative estimate.  read more


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