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First Quarter 2008 /
Volume 17, Number 1



The President's Message
Kamran Vaziri

A lot has come to pass since my last message. Both the Health Physics Society’s (HPS's) midyear meeting and the professional development school (PDS) were resounding successes. At the 2007 annual meeting, six months before the midyear, we had received only 13 abstracts. However, through Herculean efforts by Northern California Chapter (NCCHPS) members (spear-headed by their past-president, Radoslav Radev; Local Arrangement Task Force co-chairs Kathleen Dinnel-Jones, John Ahlquist, and Dawn Banghart; NCCHPS liaison, our own Linnea Wahl; Elsa Nimmo of the Technical Program Committee; and all of our section membership), we ended up with more than120 papers and a very well-attended meeting.

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The Past President's Message
Scott Walker

The Health Physics Society's (HPS's) midyear meeting in Oakland, California, was very successful: 475 individuals registered for the meeting. Nearly as many vendors had booths at this meeting as at the 2007 HPS annual meeting in Portland.

The two American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) classes were very well attended as were the six professional enrichment program (PEP) classes on Sunday.

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The Editor's Message
Linnea Wahl

With the 2008 Health Physics Society (HPS) midyear meeting and professional development school behind us, we can take a breather and reflect on our successes. The meeting was very well-planned and went off without a hitch (unless you count the visual "earthquake" that rocked Ralph Thomas's slides during the plenary address—he recovered beautifully, as you would expect).

As for the school, we had a few growing pains as the registration numbers climbed beyond our expectations, but as the article in the April issue of Health Physics News notes, it was all great fun and a great success.

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Kamran Vaziri, Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Henry Kahnhauser, Brookhaven National Lab

Past President:
Scott Walker, Los Alamos National Lab

Ed Lessard, Brookhaven National Lab

Marcia Torres, Argonne National Lab

Newsletter Editor:
Linnea Wahl, Berkeley National Lab

Erik Abkemeier, Naval Sea Systems Command

Richard Brey, Idaho State University

Mike Duran, Los Alamos National Lab

Don Gregory, Oak Ridge National Lab

Mike Sandvig, Idaho National Lab

Mike Singh, Livermore National Lab


News from Louisiana State University
Lorraine Marceau-Day

First, congratulations to Scott Walker, Kamran Vaziri, Elsa Nimmo, and Linnea Wahl for an outstanding midyear meeting, as well as to Patricia Lee who really helped as chair of the Program Committee. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Northern California Chapter who also worked tirelessly to make the midyear meeting a success . . .

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News from Los Alamos National Lab
Scott Walker

The Los Alamos National Laboratory operational health physics team and the radiation detection instrument team are preplanning an experiment to measure and document the response of radiation-detection instruments of all types to pulsed radiation fields.

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Bridge Collapse Impacts Physics Lab
Jenny Allan

The I-35W bridge that collapsed Wednesday, August 1st was very close to the School of Physics and Astronomy's Williams Laboratory, known as the "Tandem Lab." The bridge was twenty feet from the building's loading dock. There were no University staff, faculty, or students in the laboratory at the time of the collapse.

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Next U.S. Particle Accelerator School in Annapolis, Maryland
Susan Winchester

The U.S. Particle Accelerator School is offering a program of graduate-level courses sponsored by the University of Maryland at College Park and held in Annapolis, Maryland, from June 16-27, 2008. Participants may earn 3 University of Maryland credits in two weeks or earn 1.5 University of Maryland credits in one week. One undergraduate course and twelve specialized graduate-level courses will be offered.

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Photos of the 2008 HPS Midyear Meeting
Linnea Wahl

What a photogenic group! Check out these photos of your colleagues enjoying the professional enrichment opportunities of the 2008 Health Physics Society (HPS) Midyear Meeting on "Radiation-Generating Devices," held January 27-30 in Oakland, California. Many thanks to Casper Sun, CHP, the HPS's official photographer, for these great photos.

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