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NOCHPS Meetings
Andy Karam's Fall 2002 Presentation to NOCHPS (2.4 MB PDF)

Fall 2004 Homeland Security Symposium Presentations
Introduction to Radiation & Radioactivity
(3.17 MB PDF)
Update on Radiological & Nuclear Terrorism (1.11 MB PDF)
Detection for Prevention of Illicit Trafficking ... (2.04 MB PDF)
First Responder Radiological Equipment ... (219 kB PDF)
Enhancing Security for Radioactive Materials (278 kB PDF)
Radiological Emergency Procedures & Resources (335 kB PDF)

Cleveland Clinic Foundation-Patient Education
Radiation Safety Without Boarders (1.29 MB PPT)
Science Teacher Rad Grad Course (711 kB PPT)
Understanding Radiation in Our World (694 kB PDF)
Understanding Radiation in Our World Supplement (66.6 kB PDF)
Understanding Radiation in Our World Teacher Guide (156 kB PDF)

USDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Education Information Center (web site)

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