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Chapters of the Health Physics Society

The following is a listing of the Health Physics Society Chapters as of 7 July 2015. A listing of Chapter Reports may be found here.

Contact Information
 Alabama Health Physics Society, ATTN: Dan Mackney
 733 Grier Lane
 Wetumpka AL 36092
 United States
 Charter Date: 1968
 President: Dan Mackney
 President-elect: Vacant
 Secretary: Shunta Leblanc
 Treasurer: Robert Heath Jr
 Director Liaison: Mike Stabin
Officers  Council Member: James McNees
 Council Member: William S. Harris, Jr.

Contact Information
 3245 North Washington Street
 Chandler AZ 85225
 United States
 Charter Date: February 1979
 President: Robert L. Metzger
 President-elect: Timothy Paul
 Secretary: Vacant
 Treasurer: Vacant
 Director Liaison: Cheryl Olson

Contact Information
 4301 W. Markham, Slot 617
 Little Rock AR 72205
 United States
 Charter Date: February 1989
 President: Kim Wiebeck
 President-elect: Everett Lynn McGuire
 Secretary: Vacant
 Treasurer: Bernie Bevill
 Director Liaison: Mike Stabin
 Past President: Brad Doney

Contact Information
 Atlanta Chapter of the Health Physics Society
 P.O. Box 1577
 Cumming GA 30028
 United States
 Charter Date: April 1964
 President: Paul Charp
 President-elect: John Dixon
 Secretary: Bob Burns
 Treasurer: Jim Hardeman
 Director Liaison: Mike Stabin
 Past President: Armin Ansari

Contact Information
 PO Box 4211
 Gaithersburg MD 20885-4211
 United States
 Charter Date: 18 November 1958
 President: De WU
 President-elect: Tanya Oxenberg
 Secretary: Robert Phillips
 Treasurer: Brian Livingston
 Director Liaison: Tracy Ikenberry
 Past President: Katharine E McLellan
 Affiliates Director: John Crapo
 Membership Director: James Lewis
 Newsletter Editor: Katharine E McLellan
 Science Teacher Coordinator: Ray Johnson
 Education Chair: John Crapo

Contact Information
 Buckeye Chapter of the Health Physics Society
 PO Box 84
 Columbus OH 43216-0084
 United States
 Charter Date: 6 January 1985
 President: Gretchen Farnung
 President-elect: Vacant
 Secretary: Vacant
 Treasurer: Tina Amstein
 Director Liaison: Tracy Ikenberry
 Past President: Robert E. Peterson Jr.
 HDER Coordinator: Craig Jensen
 Board Member: George Kirsch

Contact Information
 Trang Marquez, Secretary CCHPS
 15728 Interlake Ave N
 Shoreline WA 98133
 United States
 Charter Date: May 1973
 President: Jessie Puryear
 President-elect: Mike Zittle
 Secretary: Trang Marquez
 Treasurer: Kevin Makinson
 Director Liaison: Sander Perle
 Executive Committee: John Gough
 Past President: Stanley Addison
 Webmaster: Louis Cueva

Central Rocky Mountain
Contact Information
 710 Terra View Circle
 Fort Collins CO 80525
 United States
 Charter Date: 1962
 President: Jim Herrold
 President-elect: David Adams
 Secretary: Lisa Manglass
 Treasurer: Frederick J Borst
 Director Liaison: Steve King
 Past President: Deirdre Elder
 Web Site Editor: Margaret Ashton
 Executive Secretary: Leslie Fraley JR

Cincinnati Radiation Society
Contact Information
 Carrie Sheldon
 3054 Silverbell Way
 Independence KY 41051
 United States
 Charter Date: 1953
 President: Peter Darnell
 President-elect: John Byrne
 Secretary: Carrie Sheldon
 Treasurer: Timothy Taulbee
 Director Liaison: Sander Perle
 Treasurer-elect: Brant Ulsh
 Past President: Samuel E. Glover
 Council Member: Vicki Morris
 Council Member: Louise Buker
 Council Member: Brant Ulsh

Contact Information
 PO Box 2215
 Richland WA 99352
 United States
 Charter Date: June 1960
 President: Bob English
 President-elect: Joe DeMers
 Secretary: Dan Strom
 Treasurer: Bonnie Harder
 Director Liaison: Sander Perle
 Past President: Alex Nazarali
 Council Member: Lorna Brown
 Council Member: Robert Jones
 Webmaster: Mike Wolf
 Education Chair: Paul Stansbury
 Newsletter Editor: Bob English
 Membership Chair: Jan Haan

Contact Information
 June Tamkin-Price, MPH
 22 Melillo Circle
 North Haven CT 06473
 United States
 Charter Date: not indicated
 President: June Tamkin-Price
 President-elect: Shawn Googins
 Secretary: Mike Tabriz
 Treasurer: Peter Mas
 Director Liaison: Ken Krieger
 Past President: June Tamkin-Price

Deep South
Contact Information
 112 Nuclear Science Building
 Louisiana State University
 Baton Rouge LA 70803-5820
 United States
 Charter Date: 1966
 President: Amin Hamideh
 President-elect: Margaret Hernandez
 Secretary: Hannah Broadus
 Treasurer: Jabari Robinson
 Director Liaison: Mike Stabin
 Board Member: Lorraine Day
 Board Member: Roy Parker
 Board Member: L Max Scott
 Board Member: Richard Teague

Delaware Valley Society for Radiation Safety
Contact Information
 Keith Brown
 Environmental Health and Radiation Safety
 3160 Chestnut Street, Suite 400
 Philadelphia PA 19104
 United States
 Charter Date: April 1960
 President: John Miller
 President-elect: Keith Brown
 Secretary: Robin Elliott
 Treasurer: Bryan Edwards
 Director Liaison: Tracy Ikenberry
 Past President: Kurt Bodison
 Board Member: John Nicholson
 Board Member: Kendall Berry

East Tennessee
Contact Information
 PO 7006
 Oak Ridge TN 37831-7006
 United States
 Charter Date: 26 October 1960
 President: Scott Schwahn
 President-elect: Wade Adams
 Secretary: Tina Piquet
 Treasurer: Kyle Kleinhans
 Director Liaison: Elizabeth Gillenwalters
 Secretary-elect: Jason Davis
 Council Member: Tom Hansen
 Council Member: Pat Scofield
 Council Member: Rick Greene
 Past President: Jeff Chapman
 Webmaster: Carl Efird
 Treasurer-elect: Mike Mahathy

Eastern Idaho
Contact Information
 Idaho State University
 Box 8103
 921 S. 8th Ave.
 Pocatello ID 83209-8103
 United States
 Charter Date: 15 June 1959
 President: Jason Harris
 President-elect: Patrick Bragg
 Secretary: Rebecca Case
 Treasurer: Rebecca Case
 Director Liaison: Sander Perle
 Board Member: Robert D Boston
 Board Member: Paul Ritter
 Board Member: Leonard S Sygitowicz
 Board Member: Jason Harris
 Board Member: Roy Dunker
 Past President: Lawrence L. Burke
 Board Member: Richard Brey

Contact Information
 PO Box 8164
 Clearwater FL 33758-8164
 United States
 Charter Date: September 1966
 President: Donald Phillips
 President-elect: Kurt Geber
 Secretary: Kathleen Thomas
 Treasurer: Adam Weaver
 Director Liaison: Mike Stabin
 Past President: Howard Dickson
 Council Member: Rodney Nickell
 Council Member: Thomas Jacobson
 Council Member: Kimberly Kantner
 Science Teacher Coordinator: Wesley Bolch
 Newsletter Editor: Mike Phillips
 Webmaster: Jason Timm
 Election Chair: George Snyder

Four Rivers
 President: Tena A. Graben
 President-elect: Vacant
 Secretary: vacant
 Treasurer: Shelly A. Stewart
 Director Liaison: Sarah Roberts

Georgian Republic
Contact Information
 20 Ateni str, 0179
 Charter Date: 05/21/2007
 President: Giorgi Tsirekidze
 President-elect: Lia Chelidze
 Secretary: Ema Namchvadze
 Treasurer: Ema Namchevadze
 Director Liaison: Sander Perle
 Board Member: Grigol Kiknadze
 Board Member: Samson Pagava
 Board Member: Giorgi Nabakhtiani
 Past President: Archil Kapanadze

Great Lakes
Contact Information
 Duane DeMore
 24407 Bellingham Drive
 Novi MI 48374
 United States
 Charter Date: February 1976
 President: Duane DeMore
 President-elect: Scott Emerson
 Secretary: Kenneth Coble
 Treasurer: Jean Chisnell
 Director Liaison: Mike Stabin
 Council Member: Stan Uitti
 Council Member: Kimberly J. Kearfott
 Council Member: Alan M. Jackson
 Council Member: Karl Fisher

Great Salt Lake
Contact Information
 Radiological Health Dept., University of Utah
 75 South 2000 East
 Salt Lake City UT 84112
 United States
 Charter Date: May 1977
 President: Karen Langley
 President-elect: Vacant
 Secretary: Elliott Lesses
 Treasurer: Elliott Lesses
 Director Liaison: Sander Perle
 Treasurer-elect: Elliott Lesses
 Secretary-elect: Elliott Lesses
 Board Member: David Bernhardt
 Board Member: Farand Smith
 Board Member: Jeremy Hawk

Greater New York
Contact Information
 3 Shadow Lane
 Att: Dennis Quinn, Exec. Sec.
 Hopewell Junction NY 12533
 United States
 Charter Date: 1958/1963
 President: Mark Maiello
 President-elect: Lori Glander
 Secretary: Dennis Ryan
 Treasurer: Steve Musolino
 Director Liaison: Ken Krieger
 Executive Secretary: Dennis Quinn
 Past President: Jacob Kamen
 Past President: Lawrence Dauer
 Council Member: Miyuki Yoshida-Hay
 Council Member: Lawrence Rothenberg

Greater St. Louis
Contact Information
 Scott Surovi
 675 McDonnell Blvd
 Hazelwood MO 63042
 United States
 Charter Date: June 1983
 President: Scott Surovi
 President-elect: Vacant
 Secretary: Scott Surovi
 Treasurer: vacant
 Director Liaison: Elizabeth Gillenwalters

Contact Information
 James Schweitzer
 Radiological and Environmental Management
 Purdue University
 550 Stadium Mall Drive
 West Lafayette IN 47907
 United States
 Charter Date: 4 February 1976
 President: James Schweitzer
 President-elect: vacant
 Secretary: Rick Whitman
 Treasurer: Rick Whitman
 Director Liaison: Ken Krieger
 Council Member: Timothy Kleyn
 Council Member: Trenton Mays
 Council Member: Zachary Tribbett

Lake Mead
Contact Information
 6461 Plumcrest Rd
 Las Vegas NV 89108-5309
 United States
 Charter Date: 1961
 President: Dixie O'Dou
 President-elect: Vacant
 Secretary: Steven Curtis
 Treasurer: Lynn Anspaugh
 Director Liaison: David Simpson
 Council Member: Tom O'Dou
 Council Member: Rajah Mena
 Council Member: Robert Hayes
 Past President: Steven Curtis

Contact Information
 Robert Fairchild, Nebraska Wesleyan University
 5000 Saint Paul Avenue
 Lincoln NE 68504-2794
 United States
 Charter Date: 14 December 1967
 President: Robert Fairchild
 President-elect: Susan Masih
 Secretary: Vacant
 Treasurer: Vacant
 Director Liaison: Cheryl Olson
Officers  HDER Coordinator: Robert Fairchild
 Program Chair: Susan Masih

Contact Information
 Midwest Chapter HPS
 PO Box 513
 Westmont IL 60559
 United States
 Charter Date: 1961
 President: Wayne London
 President-elect: Fred Monette
 Secretary: Adam Becker
 Treasurer: Lee Sprouse, Jr.
 Director Liaison: Steve King
 Past President: Karl Fischer
 Board Member: Shannon Phend
 Board Member: Richard Ross
 Board Member: Kelly Grahn
 Board Member: John Schrage
 Affiliates Chair: John Schrage
 History Chairperson: Kit Weaver

New England
Contact Information
 New England Chapter HPS
 P.O. Box 1404
 Lowell MA 01854
 United States
 Charter Date: March 1961
 President: Nasser Rashidifard
 President-elect: Vacant
 Secretary: Vincent Chase
 Treasurer: Michael Whalen
 Director Liaison: Ken Krieger
 Past President: John Salladay
 Admissions Chairperson: Steven Snay
 Publications Chair: Steven Marsh
 History Chairperson: Michael Talmadge
 Affiliates Chair: Dave Meissner
 Education Chair: Haneef Sahabdeen
 Board Member: William Lorenzen
 Webmaster: Vincent Chase

New Jersey
Contact Information
 NJHPS c/o Rutgers University
 Building 4086
 27 Road 1
 Piscataway NJ 08854
 United States
 Charter Date: 1974
 President: Michael Drzyzga
 President-elect: Robert Tokarz
 Secretary: Michael Brightwell
 Treasurer: Sue Dupre
 Director Liaison: Tracy Ikenberry
 Executive Committee: Venkata Lanka
 Executive Committee: Patrick McDermott
 Executive Secretary: Deborah Hrabinski
 Secretary-elect: Thomas Dobbs
 Treasurer-elect: Jeffrey Guenther

North Carolina
Contact Information
 North Carolina Health Physics Society
 PO Box 37638
 Raleigh NC 27627
 United States
 Charter Date: February 1965
 President: Mark Pflug
 President-elect: Kevin Minter
 Secretary: Wendy Woehr
 Treasurer: Todd Becker
 Director Liaison: Elizabeth Gillenwalters
 Council Member: Carmine Plott
 Council Member: Sue Kurgatt
 Council Member: Eric Zack
 Science Teacher Coordinator: Roger Sit
 Education Chair: Laura Pring
 Past President: Jonathan Moore
 Admissions Chairperson: John McLamb
 Newsletter Editor: Giao Nguyen
 Program Chair: Kevin Minter
 History Chairperson: Wendy Woehr

North Central
Contact Information
 Jan Braun Executive Secretary, Mayo Clinic
 B-28 Medical Sciences Building
 Rochester MN 55905
 United States
 Charter Date: 1969
 President: Glenn Sturchio
 President-elect: Shari Mask
 Secretary: Mike Lewandowski
 Treasurer: Mike Lewandowski
 Director Liaison: Cheryl Olson
 Council Member: Victor Goretsky
 Council Member: Sam Hays
 Council Member: Barbara Hodge
 Council Member: Jason Timm
 Past President: Gary Yarrow
 Science Teacher Coordinator: Mike Lewandowski
 Science Teachers Awards Chair: Mike Lewandowski
 Web Site Editor: Mike Lewandowski
 Affiliates Chair: Chris Kessler

Northeastern New York
Contact Information
 PO Box 1285
 Latham NY 12110-1285
 United States
 Charter Date: June 1960
 President: Adela Salamie-Alfie
 President-elect: Heidi Voelk
 Secretary: Cynthia Costello
 Treasurer: Mark Virgil
 Director Liaison: Ken Krieger
 Council Member: Jerry Collins
 Council Member: Harl Fisher
 Council Member: William Kolbe

Northern California
Contact Information
 4435 N. First Street
 Livermore CA 94551
 United States
 Charter Date: June 1961
 President: Greg Jones
 President-elect: Jim Tarpinian
 Secretary: Kaitlin Engel
 Treasurer: Melissa C. Mannion
 Director Liaison: Cheryl Olson
 Past President: Jon Dillon
 Board Member: Jim De Zetter
 Board Member: Claire Vanderoorde

Northern Ohio
Contact Information
 10411 Stuart Drive
 Concord OH 44077
 United States
 Charter Date: June 1988
 President: Gary Nordwig
 President-elect: Ed Filppi
 Secretary: Joe Nikstenas
 Treasurer: Joe Nikstenas
 Director Liaison: Mike Stabin
 Executive Committee: Kevin Wunderle
 Executive Committee: David Close
 Past President: Rob Leib
 Executive Committee: Roberto Uribe

Rio Grande
Contact Information
 PO Box 51686
 Albuquerque NM 87181-1686
 United States
 Charter Date: 1962
 President: Kevin G Hart
 President-elect: Amber M Allardice
 Secretary: Bert Morales
 Treasurer: Steven E. Rademacher, PhD, CHP
 Director Liaison: Steve King
 Board Member: Beth Hanson
 Board Member: Rick Haaker
 Board Member: Sarah Goke
 Past President: Walen Mickey

San Diego
Contact Information
 Vertex Pharmaceuticals
 11010 Torreyana Road
 San Diego CA 92121
 United States
 Charter Date: July 1977
 President: Tamara Fox
 President-elect: Mitchell Lanahan
 Secretary: vacant
 Treasurer: Mitchell Lanahan
 Director Liaison: David Simpson

Savannah River
Contact Information
 Savannah River Chapter of the Health Physics Society
 PO Box 353
 New Ellenton SC 29809
 United States
 Charter Date: June 1959
 President: eduardo farfan
 President-elect: Michelle Holman-Abbott
 Secretary: Irricca Brightharp
 Treasurer: Irricca Brightharp
 Director Liaison: Elizabeth Gillenwalters
 Executive Committee: Mark G. Hogue
 Executive Committee: Dennis Hadlock
 Executive Committee: Henry Bolen
 Executive Committee: David Roberts

South Texas
Contact Information
 South Texas Chapter-HPS
 PO Box 29021
 San Antonio TX 78229
 United States
 Charter Date: October 1964
 President: William Pate
 President-elect: Susanne Savely
 Secretary: Amanda Sullivan
 Treasurer: Jennifer A Cerecero
 Director Liaison: Steve King
 Past President: Sandra Jimenez
 Board Member: Tracy N. Tipping
 Board Member: Jay Poston
 Board Member: Marc Goldsmith
 Membership Chair: Amanda Sullivan
 Affiliates Chair: Jennifer A Cerecero
 Election Chair: John Salsman
 Webmaster: William Gordon
 Science Teacher Coordinator: Kenneth V. Krieger
 Education Chair: Linda Morris
 Newsletter Editor: John Hageman
 Legislative Chair: Susan Jablonski

Southern California
Contact Information
 UCLA EH&S/Rad Safety
 501 Westwood Plaza 4th floor, Box 951605
 Los Angeles CA 90095-1765
 United States
 Charter Date: 29 June 1960
 President: Toshihide Ushino
 President-elect: Nathan Duff
 Secretary: Karen Baumgartner
 Treasurer: Richard Gallego
 Director Liaison: Cheryl Olson
 Board Member: James Barnes
 Board Member: Susan Baros
 Board Member: Casimir Scislowicz

Susquehanna Valley
Contact Information
 SVC HPS c/o Hershey Medical Center
 500 University Dr, H141
 Hershey PA 17033-2360
 United States
 Charter Date: February 1987
 President: Jean Gresick-Schugsta
 President-elect: Vacant
 Secretary: Bryan Achey
 Treasurer: Brian Lorah
 Director Liaison: Tracy Ikenberry
 Board Member: Bill Cooper
 Board Member: Steve King
 Board Member: Mike Erdman

Contact Information
 Tieh-Chi Chu
 Nuclear Information Center
 Rm. 208 R&D Building, NTHU
 101, Sec. 2 Kuang-Fu Rd.
 Hsinchu City, 30013
 Taiwan, Province of China
 Charter Date: 7 May 2008
 President: Tieh Chi Chu
 President-elect: Wei-Wen Yeh
 Secretary: Vacant
 Treasurer: Vacant
 Director Liaison: Sander Perle
 Board Member: Ruo-Tsan Li

Contact Information
 George Kharashvili, Secretary
 119 Hermitage Road
 Newport News VA 23606
 United States
 Charter Date: July 1975
 President: Greg Komp
 President-elect: Andrea Geyer
 Secretary: George Kharashvili
 Treasurer: Bob May
 Director Liaison: Elizabeth Gillenwalters
 Past President: Brian Hinderliter
 Eastern Council Member: Crystal Levenson
 Central Council Member: Les Foldesi
 Western Council Member: Rick Piccolo
 Science Teacher Coordinator: Carl Tarantino
 Science Teacher Coordinator: Keith Welch
 ANS Liaison: James Lovedahl

West Texas
Contact Information
 West Texas Chapter of the HPS
 C/O Jack Kraus
 PO Box 1129
 Andrews TX 79714
 United States
 Charter Date: June 27, 2010
 President: Chris Shaw
 President-elect: Merlin Ngachin
 Secretary: Jack Kraus
 Treasurer: vacant
 Director Liaison: Steve King
 Past President: J. Scott Kirk

Western New York
Contact Information
 Cornell University-EHS
 395 Pine Tree Road, Suite 210
 Attention: Melissa Pledger
 Radiation Safety Department
 Ithaca NY 14850
 United States
 Charter Date: February 1970
 President: Melissa Pledger
 President-elect: Debra Koch
 Secretary: Michael Herbst
 Treasurer: Gary Gamble
 Director Liaison: Ken Krieger
 Past President: Richard Watts
 Past President: Dr. Richard Harvey
 Past President: Ken Marshall
 Past President: Thomas Morgan
 Past President: Debra Koch
 Past President: James Prowse
 Past President: Jeff Slawson
 Past President: Dr. Richard Harvey

Western Pennsylvania
Contact Information
 PO Box 7531
 Pittsburgh PA 15213-0531
 United States
 Charter Date: 1964
 President: Daniel A Berkley
 President-elect: Michael Sheetz
 Secretary: A. Joseph Nardi
 Treasurer: Reginald A. Ney
 Director Liaison: Tracy Ikenberry
 Executive Secretary: Reginald A. Ney
 Past President: Margaret Eddy Blackwood
 Council Member: C Wayne Bickerstaff
 Council Member: Dustin G Miller


Sections of the Health Physics Society

The following is a listing of the Health Physics Society Sections as of 3 July 2015.

Academic, Industrial, Research Radiation Safety Section

Kendall Berry, President ('16)
Mark A Miller, Past President ('16)
Glenn M Sturchio, Secretary/Treasurer ('18)
Kent N Lambert, Board Member ('15)
Catalina Kovats, Board Member ('16)
John C Keklak, Board Member ('17)
Michael J Drzyzga, Webmaster
Kenneth Krieger, Director Liaison

Accelerator Section

Steven R Frey, President ('15)
Elaine T Marshall, President-Elect ('15)
Jason Harris, Past President ('15)
Linnea Wahl, Secretary/Treasurer ('16)
Patrick Bragg, Newsletter Editor ('15)
Robert May, Board of Directors ('15)
Jack D Cossairt, Board of Directors ('16)
Melissa Mannion, Board of Directors ('15)
Reginald M Ronningen, Board of Directors ('16)
Cheryl Olson, Director Liaison
Ruedi Birenheide, Webmaster

Decommissioning Section

Eva E Hickey, President ('14)
James H Reese, Past President ('14)
Gary S Kephart, Secretary/Treasurer ('15)
Dennis M Quinn, Executive Board ('14)
Nancy P Kirner, Executive Board ('15)
Thomas O Meek, Executive Board ('13)
Robert E Burns, Executive Board ('14)
Elizabeth Gillenwalters, Director Liaison

Environmental/Radon Section

Craig A. Little, President ('15)
Brant Ulsh, President-Elect ('15)
Douglas B Chambers, Past President ('15)
Steven H Brown, Secretary/Treasurer ('15)
Phillip H Jenkins, Board Member ('15)
Patricia Scofield, Board Member ('16)
Philip Egidi, Board Member ('17)
Sander C Perle, Director Liaison

Homeland Security Section

Adela Salame-Alfie, President ('15)
Peter Darnell, Past President ('15)
Suzanne Helfinstine, Secretary/Treasurer ('14)
Jerrold T Bushberg, Board of Directors ('13)
Craig Marianno, Board of Directors ('13)
Joel Baumbaugh, Board of Directors ('13)
Tammy Taylor, Board of Directors ('14)
Douglas G Draper, Board of Directors ('13)
Richard T Whitman, Board of Directors ('13)
William A Lorenzen, Board of Directors ('14)
Richard W Poeton, Board of Directors ('14)
Tracy A Ikenberry, Director Liaison

Medical Health Physics Section

Christopher Martel, President ('15)
Thomas Mohaupt, President-Elect ('15)
Ninni Jacob, Past President ('15)
Elyse M Thomas, Secretary/Treasurer ('15)
Christopher Kessler, Board of Directors ('16)
Penny M Leinwander, Board of Directors ('16)
Karen M Colucci, Board of Directors ('15)
Michael A Sheetz, Board of Directors ('15)
Deirdre Elder, Board of Directors ('17)
Linda Kroger, Board of Directors ('17)
Steven H King, Director Liaison

Military Health Physics Section

William J Klenke, President ('15)
Danny McClung, President-Elect ('15)
John J Cardarelli, Past President ('15)
Mark Williams, Secretary/Treasurer ('15)
Aaron Thompson, Board Member ('15)
Scott Nichelson, Board Member ('15)
Jason Cezeaux, Board Member ('16)
H Timothy Mikulski, Board Member ('17)
Andrew L Scott, Board Member ('17)
Michael G Stabin, Director Liaison

Nonionizing Radiation Section

Andrew H Thatcher, President ('15)
Bruce Busby, Board Member ('15)
Kenneth Foster, Board Member ('15)
Donald L Haes, Board Member ('15)
Thomas Johnson, Board Member ('15)
Carter B Ficklen, Board Member ('15)
James L Kitchens, Board Member ('15)
Frederick F McWilliams, Board Member ('15)
John Lanza, Board of Directors

Power Reactor Section

Eric M. Goldin, Past President ('15)
Jason T Flora, Secretary ('16)
J Stewart Bland, Board Member ('14)
Jason Harris, Board Member ('14)
Seth Kanter, Board Member ('14)
Linda M. Sewell, Board Member ('16)
Susanne Ziegler, Board Member ('16)
Douglas L Noble, Board Member ('16)
Mitchell M Truitt, Treasurer ('14)
Sandra S M Beeler, Executive Secretary
David R Simpson, Director Liaison